How many types of Meta Tags using in 2019 ?

The meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page’s content.That are Don’t Appear on the page itself, But only in the page’s source code. Meta tags are generally used for to provide the page information to search engines like google, yahoo, etc..

  1. Meta name
  2. keyword tag
  3. description meta tag
  4. copyright Meta tag
  5. Meta language
  6. robots Meta tag
  7. revisit-after tag
  8. abstract  meta tag
  9. Meta reply-to tag
  10. distribution Meta tag
  11. Meta rating
  12. Meta expires
  13. pragma tag
  14. Meta cache-control

in 2019  Mainly used Meta tags are “ Meta name, keywords, description”

Meta Name

 The meta name tag is used to tell the name of your content and title of your content


  <meta name=”title”content= “title” />

Meta keywords

The keyword tag are used to tell what are keywords are you use  on your website.And basically where you put the main words which are taken will be on  top of serp (search engine result page )

  Syntax :

<meta name= keyword content=” your used keywords ”/>

Meta Description

Meta Description is most important tag and used to explain the summary  of website content. The length of meta description contains 160 to 200 characters.with in 160 characters  we need to express the main motive of the website as well as need to utilize the keywords in the Description Tag.   

Syntax : <meta name = “description” content =your text description /> that is the syntax of the  meta tag

Copyright Tag :

The meta copyright tag is used to protect the photos and text on your website.

Syntax :

<meta name= “copyright” content= name of owner/> 

Meta Language :

 meta language tag are used to tell which language your used in site   Syntax:

<meta name=”language ” content=en /> 

en=language code of english

Meta Robots Tag:

The spiders reads the all pages of websites like index page, personal page, main page, data page. but you use robots meta tag you will lock the spiders to come the personal data base like account no’s ,passwords etc..

 Syntax :

<meta name =“robots” content= index />

Revisit-after tag

The revisit-after tag  used for tell the spiders to revisit or Crawl the website on particular time like after some days or after some time. At that time we can use this tag, based on the time line google crawlers will read or visit the Website.  

Syntax : 

<meta name= “revisit- after” content= after 7 days/ >

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