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In digital marketing we know all the categories that was seo,sem,smo,smm exc.than we explain about one of it that is off page techniques its is one of the part in seo. seo is two types there are

  • off page seo
  • on page seo

Off page seo: Off page seo refer to action taken outside of your website  to provides of backlinks and visitors

off page = out of your website  works

On page seo: On page seo complete taken on inside of your website like domain select, title tag keywords meta keywords, sitemaps like that

On page = total inside of your websites


Than you want start off page submission ?

and how to start ?

how many techniques are there in off page seo?

Do  you confused look at here  i am explain
Nowadays so many off page techniques are available  tha main important techniques are

  • Blogging
  • Guest posting
  • Image submission
  • Ppt & pdf submissions
  • Infographic submissions
  • Social media submissions
  • Videos submissions
  • Link Baiting
  • Podcast & webinar
  • Directory submissions
  • Social bookmarking
  • Classified submission
  • Cross linking

The above all is imp off page submissions sites for anytime Lets how plan off page submissions

To search & list out the submission sites in all techniques :

First you search the above list of  submission sites it’s all are available in internet collect all  based on your target locations

Ex: your targeted  location is india than you find sites of that particulars area sites like, sites you find similar sites like it.

Find the alexa rank ,age and fix the particle target of the sites:

Than you find all sites alexa rank and age of your list outs .this is used to find site present position like the is running or not how many years to run this site, it”s global positions are you know .final you fix some target and submitted it.

Ex: fix target is site rank is below 20,000 and age is above 10 years

papier the all information to submit your site:

Your papier some submit data like images ,videos, infographics, blogs , content, ppt,pdf, podcasts, etc..

Than collect all information to do start the submissions daily 10 in all techniques you diffnetctly success.  To find organic visitor to your website and gain more traffic ..
Than know more information about seo

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