what is SSl certificate ?


There are over 3B user in internet and more. Over than more ways to connect to it. And the connections are in secure? And you’re using secure data ? that ways we provides “ssl(secure sockets layer )

What is SSL       

 Ssl means secure sockets layer.It is a standard technology build for  encrypted link between web server and browser. This link ensures that  all pass data between web server and browserRemain personal and integral.

 SSL permit the confidential numbers, credit card numbers google secure logins are transfer secureys. Your not contains your data transfer clients to servers as a plan-text. Its makes easily intercepted. It’s easily hijack .With in place ssl data  be encrypted. May be intercepted , it’s not to able to breck .

create an SSL connection :

To create an ssl connection to website its provides a company it is Certification Authority (or CA) such as SSL.com when you able to activate its an your website .You will be able to answer some questions such as identity of your website and company name. Than you website create two cryptographic keys. That is one public key and private key

The Public Key does not need to be secret and is placed into a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) – a data file also containing your details, which is submitted to a CA.

During the SSL Certificate application process, the CA will  accept your details and issue an SSL Certificate follows your details and allowing you to use SSL. Your web server will match your issued SSL Certificate to your Private Key. Your web server will then be able to install an encrypted link between the website and your customer’s web browser.

The involvement of the SSL protocol remain invisible to your customers.as well  their browsers provide them with a key indicator to let them know they are protected by an SSL encrypted session – the lock icon, displayed in the address bar .Clicking on the lock icon displays your SSL Certificate and the details about it. All SSL Certificates are issued to either companies or legally accountable individuals.

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